A multidisciplinary team

Julien Rousseau, Ulisse Gnesda and Luca Battaglia are three architects. They have honed their skills with agencies that no longer need introduction: Foster + Partners, Renzo Piano Workshop or Ateliers Lion associés. Through their work, the future partners discovered their complementarity, which led them to create Fresh in 2007. This is when they left behind museum and tower projects across the globe to set up an agency that does not take scale into account. From small to large, from design to town planning, from the high fashion object to the city neighbourhood, from order to response, they tackle projects based on their dynamic rather than their scale. Fresh works on sites where the societal challenge equals the urban potential and the agency’s strategies are deeply anchored in reality. Entering into dialogue on equal footing with investors, elected representatives, contracting authorities whilst not hesitating to make commitments consolidates the status of social and spatial activator for Fresh, who transforms purpose into space. Initial risk-taking was converted into an established and deliberate business strategy, which makes the agency unique and provides it with the opportunity to meet first-class conversation partners, in ever-greater numbers and increasingly fascinating.

• 2019 - Archi Design Club Awards
• 2015 - Archi Design Club Awards
• 2014 - 40 under 40 Design Awards
• 2014 - Lauréat, Grand Prix
La tuile terre cuite architendance
• 2010 - Primé, OMC project competition,
• 2008 - Lauréat, Europan 6 à Roubaix
(Julien Rousseau avec Bathilde Millet)
• 2007 - The Arquitectum international
competition, Waltz of the Wind, New York

Charlotte Le Dain

Graduated from the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture de Paris in 2016, Charlotte worked for 6 years at Julien Combes Architecture on office, retail and private projects. Passionate about parametric design, she developed her skills in 3D and in creating architectural perspectives. After an experience in custom cabinetry at U Interiors, she joins FRESH in January 2023, where she works on office rehabilitation projects.

Émilie Batjom

Emilie graduated from the Master Matière à Penser of the Ecole d'Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires de Paris-Est, where she developed her taste for detailing. After a first experience in interior design, she worked on the rehabilitation of an office complex within Bartélémy-Griño Architects, before joining FRESH architectures in April 2022 for a similar project.

Julien Rousseau

Julien Rousseau is partner architect and manager of FRESH. In the past, he has collaborated on large-scale projects such as the Chicago Art Institute and the Tower Bridge in London at Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and the Hearst Tower and Canary Wharf Station at Foster + Partners. He is the co-author of a report on the sustainable city and is part of the RT 2020 (thermic regulation) working group. Today he manages all the projects, the team but also the development of the FRESH agency. In 2021, together with Giovanna Dapelo, he created the interior design agency «Rousseau Dapelo».

Elea Tisserand

After a one year exchange in Finland and a Master's internship in New York, Eléa graduated with honours from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in September 2020, combining Nordic constraints and architecture. She will then spend a year and a half studying for a degree in Finnish language, before joining FRESH in January 2022 to work on a rehabilitation project. Thanks to her experiences abroad, she has developed a strong interest in archi-tectural photography and the issue of light in architecture.

Khema Ham

Khema graduated as an architect from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in 2012. She has worked in several Parisian agencies on various public facilities and housing projects. She joins FRESH in February 2023, where she works on housing rehabilitation projects.

Giovanna Dapelo

Giovanna graduated as an architect from the University of Architecture of Genoa, Italy, in 2012 and was admitted to practice in 2013. She joined Fresh Architectures in 2013 where she participates in a transversal way in various projects with multiple scales : offices, hotels, retail, urban projects, renovations. Over time, she specialised in heavy rehabilitation projects, including the Dolce & Gabbana flagship at 54 Avenue Montaigne, for which she also designed the interior spaces. With this experience, she created in 2021 a new interior design agency with Julien Rousseau, «Rousseau Dapelo».

Ninon Gervais

Graduated from CELSA Paris-Sorbonne and with two years of experience in audiovisual production and communication, Ninon has acquired solid organizational and technical skills to accompany FRESH architectures since July 2022 in its development and management of its calls for tender.

Chloe Januel

Graduated from ENSA Paris Belleville in 2010, Chloé Januel started her career in agencies focused on public commissions: Fabienne Gérin-Jean, Atelier Nord Sud, Vaudou-Allégret, Daquin Ferrière... She acquired experience in housing and equipment, in all phases of studies. In particular, she worked on educational programs, which, along with the question of housing, are among her favorite subjects. She then developed her expertise in collective housing at Leclercq Associés for 7 years. She joined the FRESH team as Project Manager in October 2022.

Ramzi Lasram

Ramzi graduated as a DE architect in 2016 from the National School of Architecture and Urbanism in Tunis. He joined FRESH in 2015 as an intern, and then integrated the design and competition department of the agency. With his experience of Revit and many 2D and 3D software, he works on the different stages of design, from the competition to the advanced and DCE phases, on the whole range of projects of the agency, from renovation to innovative new housing projects. Ramzi is also in charge of the agency’s artistic direction.

Francisco Santiago Pacheco Escalante

Originally from Peru, he became a graduate architect at Ricardo Palma University in Lima in 2014. Interested in urban alterities in Latin America, he carries out an exchange at the UFMG of Belo Horizonte in 2018 to write his research paper to question the role of the architect in favelas in the 21st century. He obtained his Master's degree in architecture at L'École nationale supérieure d'architecture et paysage de Lille in February 2020. Passionate about pedagogy and digital assistance in the profession, Francisco prioritizes teamwork in a good mood, using the BIM methodology. Through his various international experiences, he speaks Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Following the beautiful years lived in the North of France, he moved to Paris and joins the FRESH architecture team in February 2023.

Sebastien Petra

Sebastien Petra obtained his DE Architect degree from ENSA de Bretagne in 2013, which he enriched with a master's degree in urban planning at the University of Montreal in 2018. After several experiences between Nantes and Paris, including Tetrarc and Anne-Françoise Jumeau Périphériques, he joins FRESH architectures in September 2022.

Marion Legrand

Marion obtained her DESA degree in architecture from INSA Strasbourg in 2012, after a two-month internship at Dominique Coulon & Associés and a three-month experience in Amsterdam. She has held the HMO since September 2013. After several experiences in Parisian agencies, including Bruno Rollet architecte, rh+ architecture and Richez associés, she joined the fresh architectures team in January 2016. Within the agency, Marion works on rehabilitation projects, including 50 avenue Montaigne, delivered in 2022.

Nadia Yamani

After a law degree and management assistant diploma, Nadia has worked for 13 years with architectural agencies, including AdA, Novarina and S&V Architectures. She joined the Fresh team in May 2016 to run the agencies administrative and organisational section.

Julien Faure

Julien holds a DE HMONP architecture degree from the School of Architecture of Marne-la-Vallée since 2010. After various experiences in Parisian agencies, he joins Fresh in 2011, where he ensures a significant part of the production of housing. He sharpened his design and execution skills on several operations including the Origami XXL operation, a residential tower in the Clichy-Batignolles urban development zone in Paris, for Demathieu Bard Immobilier and in association with OGIC, and piloting the project to convert offices into housing in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), for CARDIMMO, in association with OGIC.
Since 2020, he has directed the southwestern branch of Fresh architectures, based in Bordeaux, which develops emblematic mixed-use projects, notably Quai de Brienne in the heart of the city of Bordeaux.

Dorine Chapel

Dorine graduated from the Ecole d'Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires de Paris-EST following her studies in interior architecture and design. Since 2022, she has been a licensed project manager in her own name. After several experiences in Parisian agencies such as Philippon-Kalt and Naud & Poux where she worked on housing and office projects, she joins the FRESH team in February 2023.

Anna Benichou

After studying art history at the Ecole du Louvre, Anna started working in the art market, before joining the architecture sector in 2016, where she was able to learn about development and communication in this field.
With a background in various agencies, she joined FRESH in 2022 to strengthen the teams on image and development strategy.

Stéphane Pereira Ramos


A graduate of the Paris La Villette School of Architecture in 2002, Stéphane worked at Jourda Architectes from 1999 to 2003, and then for 13 years at Jean Marc Ibos and Myrto Vitart, where he took part in numerous projects of a very varied nature. He joined Fresh in September 2016 as project director on two major Parisian rehabilitations located at numbers 50 and 54 Avenue Montaigne. Within the agency, Stéphane manages heavy rehabilitation and asset transformation projects, from the study phase to the construction phase.

Florian Faure

Florian obtained his DE degree in architecture from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in 2016. He joined DVVD Architectes Ingénieurs in 2016, where he stayed for 3 years and where he participated in projects such as the MK2 Nation cinema-hotel and the rehabilitation of the former school of the Chamber of Commerce on Avenue Trudaine. Following this experience, he joined the FRESH team in 2020.

Cedric Fleury

Cedric graduated from the Paris Val de Marne school in 1998. Cédric has worked in several architectural agencies and design offices on various projects: Tertiary, Housing, Cultural, Retail, Hotel and the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to his experience, he is also a regular guest teacher in the interior architecture section of ITECOM in order to raise awareness of the proper implementation of detail in architecture. He joins the FRESH team in 2022.

Louise D'Oleon

Louise is an HMONP architect graduate from ENSA Grenoble, after graduating as a GCU engineer from INSA Rennes in 2016. She joins the BET C&E ingénierie in 2019 as a structural engineer, where she follows the construction site of the covered market of Saint Dizier and the study phases of the rehabilitation of the Casino of Evian. She then joined the Bellastock team in 2021 where she worked on missions of reuse, transitional urbanism and design and implementation. Sensitive to the challenges of reuse and construction systems related to a territory, Louise joins the FRESH team in September 2022.

Claire Godet

Claire graduated in architecture from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Versailles in 2010. Thanks to her experiences abroad, she is fluent in English, Spanish and French. She started her professional activity with a renovation and extension of a hospital project at Celnikier and Grabli, then joined the Carbondale agency, specialised in luxury goods, where she was in charge of projects in Paris and London for Longchamp and BMW. In 2020, she moved to Bordeaux and worked for the agency MHJV on public and private projects. She joins the Bordeaux team of FRESH in 2022.

Julie Perez

In July 2021, Julie graduated with honors from ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine. Sensitive and interested in social and engaged architecture and transformation projects, she is doing her PFE in pair with her friend and now colleague, Inès De Bufala. Together, they developed a multi-faceted project in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, aimed at a particular public: young people from the Aide Sociale à l'Enfance. In September 2022, she joined the FRESH architectures team to answer a competition.

Silvia Gronchi

Silvia graduated with honors as an architect from Milan Polytechnic in 2021. In addition to several internships in Italy, she has worked at Labics Architecture Studio in Rome, B-ILD Architects in Brussels, and LAN Architecture in Paris, in research and exhibitions, on competitions and projects for public facilities and housing. She joins FRESH in November 2022.

Guy Conand

Guy Conand start his itinerary in Vienna with Hans Hollein and Delugan-Meissl, then in Basel with Drlw for the airport extension.
Back in Paris, he worked as a freelancer and regularly collaborated with the agencies Eva Samuel, Dubesset-Lyon and Jean Christophe Quinton, where he was in charge of the development and implementation for facilities and housing projects. He is an architect town planer, graduate from Paris-Belleville and Grenoble schools of architecture. Guy joined FRESH in 2019 and has since worked primarily on housing projects, from the study phase to the construction phase.

Marlène Gammaitoni

Marlène graduated from ENSA Paris La Villette in 2016. After two years at Valode et Pistre, she worked on tertiary, cultural and housing projects in Parisian agencies such as DREAM, Vincent Perreira & Antonio Virga, and Ronald Sirio Architects. She joins FRESH architectures in November 2021, where she works on a tertiary operation, interior architecture projects, and then housing operations.

Océane Tabart

Oceane obtained her diploma of architect DE with the congratulations of the jury in 2020 at the school of architecture of Paris Belleville. She first did her degree at the ENSA de la Ville et des Territoires where she did an academic year at the Roma Tre school in Rome as part of ERASMUS. Very interested and concerned about the relationship that architecture establishes with its territory and its history, she had a first experience of one year in the agency of Odile Seyler and Jacques Lucan, then integrated FRESH.

Roberta Guetti

Roberta holds a degree in architecture from the University Gabriele D'Annunzio of Pescara, where she also obtained her habilitation in project management. She moved to Bordeaux in 2015 and first worked for the agencies Jean de Giacinto and Les Glacières Architectures for several years, where she participated in various projects with multiple programs (collective housing, offices, school groups, factories...). She then worked for Atelier Ferret Architectures, before joining the FRESH Bordeaux team in September 2022.

Ines De Bufala

Inès did her end-of-study project with her friend and future colleague Julie Perez. Their questions targeted a social issue: 40% of homeless youth are young adults leaving the Aide Sociale à l'Enfance. Entitled "Acting before the street", their PFE is in line with the prevention of homelessness. In July 2021, Inès obtained her DE degree in architecture from ENSA PVS. Then, she will do her end-of-studies internship and travel to the United States before joining the FRESH agency in September 2022.

Charlotte Cazenave

Charlotte graduated in photography from ENS Louis-Lumière in 2022. In her thesis, she wonders about the photographic image in the architectural process. After working with architectural photographers, she joined the FRESH team in June 2022 to take care of communication and image.

Ophélie Jean-François-Joseph

After an initial training in secretarial work and a degree in international exchange administration at university, Ophélie has multiplied her professional experiences in reception and secretarial work in the fields of events (fairs, seminars) and culture. She joins FRESH in 2021 as an administrative assistant and receptionist.

Antonine Coucoureux

Antonine graduated as an architect from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in 2018. After an end-of-study project on the issue of appropriation of public space, she worked in several Parisian agencies on various public facilities and housing projects. In parallel to her architectural studies, Antonine trained as a carpenter and graduate in this field. She joined FRESH in February 2022, where she works on housing projects.

Mirko Zeino

Mirko graduated from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice in 2009 as a DE architect. During his studies he did an Erasmus exchange at the Ecole de Paris Val de Seine and, in 2010, moved to Paris where he collaborated with several agencies. In 2015 he joined Alexandre Chemetoff's Bureau des Paysages to work on projects from the design phase to the construction site. He joined the FRESH team as a housing project manager.

Gaëlle Louyot

BIM referent
Gaëlle graduated as a DE architect with research mention from ENSA de la Ville et des Territoires, under the direction of Marc Mimram, in 2014. Following her studies, she occasionally works as a journalist/freelancer for Le Moniteur. In 2015, she took a training course in BIM Management and joined the REVIT training team at the ADIG/ACTH centre. Her previous experience in Parisian agencies led her to work on office and housing projects. Gaëlle joined Fresh in 2016 as a project manager on mixed operations, notably Bobigny South Canal and the Argenteuil promenades, and monitors the project from design to delivery.

Momchil Mihaylov

Momchil graduated as an architect at ENSA Paris La Villette, after a degree in graphic arts in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. He started his career at Atelier de l'Echiquier, then at the engineering and architecture firm C&E ingénierie. Momchil joined FRESH in October 2022, as a BIM referent on new construction projects. At the same time, this architecture photography enthusiast teaches project communication at the EPS-AA in Paris.

Cesar Ydais

Student in Master 1 Interior Architecture and Design at LISAA, César joins the FRESH architectures team in November 2022 as an intern. Being very manual by nature, he is in charge of making models, setting up 3D and thinking about the design parts of the projects.

Pierre Fournet

Pierre graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Normandie with a DE degree in architecture in 2020. After several years of study in Rouen, he completed several internships in Paris, including a professional internship at FRESH architectures, in 2018. As a lover of photography and architectural representation, he is interested in the new mode of design and representation 2D and 3D. He joined the FRESH team in September 2020.

Samuel Guesnouin

Samuel graduated as a DE HMONP architect from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette in 2017. During his studies, he spent a year in Italy at La Sapienza University in Rome and an internship at Horma Estudio in Valencia, Spain. He first worked on social housing operations for Atelier Tabet and then participated in international projects at Studio Odile Decq. Samuel is a qualified project manager. He joins FRESH architectures in 2019.

Luca Battaglia

Settled in France since 1998, Luca Battaglia works for the Yves Lion Associés agency, where he tries his hand at projects and housing competition. Leaving behind the game of overlapping and superimposing typologies, he developed his pragmatic project experience at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop by following the Paul Klee Zentrum construction site in Berne. It is armed with this twofold experience as designer and constructor that he would become one of the founders of FRESH in 2007.

Pamela Gennari

Pamela graduated from the Polytechnic University of Ancona-UNIVPM in 2010 with double engineering – architecture training, where she earned her general contractor certification. She has taken numerous courses on energy and environmental subjects in building design. Pamela settled in Paris in November 2011 and joined the FRESH team during a university exchange scheme, which became permanent. She is bilingual Italian-French.
Within the agency, she has been leading numerous housing projects.

Beatrice Zago

Beatrice graduated as an architect from the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland in July 2022 with an urban regeneration project based on a two-year self-study with the theme of inclusive social space. During her studies, she worked for the architectural firm Éric Lapierre Expérience in Paris and on different exhibitions such as the Triennal of Architecture in Lisbon. Today, Beatrice is particularly interested in social issues related to women in architecture as well as writing and research. This has actually led her to collaborate with the architecture publishing house Caryatide since 2018. She joins the FRESH team in October 2022.

Mahdi Derakhshan

Mahdi received his Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering in Iran in 2011, after a one-year exchange to Malaysia, six months in Finland, and an internship in Istanbul. He participated in the creation of the Liechtenstein Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014. He received his Master of Architecture in Sustainable Design from the University of Liechtenstein in 2016. After working in two architecture agencies in Paris, he joins FRESH in September 2022 to work on competitions and on the transformation of ongoing projects on BIM.

Vittorio Riccio

Vittorio graduated as an architect with honors from the University Federico II of Naples in 2018. He then became one of the founders of the architectural research collective BET Architettura. After an international research project with the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes (ENSA), he moved to Paris in 2018 where he joined the team of Graal Architecture and later that of Wilmotte&Associés. He is fluent in Italian, English and French. Vittorio obtained his license to practice in February 2020 and joined the FRESH team in May 2020.

Marina Camacho Galan

Marina holds a degree in architecture and urban planning, as well as a master's degree in project management from the School of Architecture of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain in 2021. During her studies, she completed a year at ENSA Paris-Belleville and an internship at Atelier NMA. Passionate about the major arts, architectural theory and drawing, she is interested in the application of new technologies such as point clouds in the rehabilitation of buildings. She joins the FRESH team in January 2023.

Nadim Nehmé

A graduate of the Paris School of Engineering in 2004 and passionate about urban issues, Nadim has developed an integrated vision of projects through his experience at all three levels of the construction process: general contractor, project manager and project manager. He has worked on a variety of projects such as harbour dams, bridges, major renovations of offices, palaces and shopping centres.
He joined FRESH in 2019 as project manager and led the MOEX for the heavy renovation of 50 Montaigne. He is responsible for contracts and supervises the execution of complex operations of the agency.

Xavier Armengaud

Xavier obtained his degree in architecture from ENSA Paris-La-Villette in 2022 in parallel with his engineering degree from ESTP Paris. During this double course, he completed a one-year Master's degree at Politecnico di Milano. During these studies, he was able to complete several internships, as a site manager on an office project in the ZAC Clichy-Batignolles and then as a junior engineer in a design office specializing in project planning and project management in which he was able to carry out the complete phasing of the LIDL headquarters project on behalf of Eiffage Construction. He joins the team in July 2022.

Ulisse Gnesda

Ulisse Gnesda is an architect/town planner and contributes his vision of land development to the agency. Before founding Fresh, he had honed his knowledge of the city and of public spaces at the Ateliers Lion Associés, Brunet et Saunier, Chaix et Morel, Olivier Chaslin and Bernard Huet. Since 2009, he has been teaching the project at the architectural school of the city and region of Marne-la-Vallée.

Claire Criqui

Claire graduated as an architect from the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in 2017. For 5 years, she worked at Engelmann Architecte on heavy rehabilitation projects from the study phase to the construction phase. Since 2021, she has held the habilitation for project management in her own name. She joins FRESH in November 2022 to work on rehabilitation projects.

Rodrigue Assi

With his thesis written on the writings of Italian architect Aldo Rossi, Rodrigue finalizes his studies with a project set in a medieval context in central Italy. He graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, Lebanon in 2018. Interested in the future of architectural design, he continues his higher education in France and obtains his Master 2 in Digital Design at ENSA de Nancy in 2020 where he interrogates themes of BIM implementation, virtual reality applications in architecture and parametric design. Rodrigue is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Spanish, and participated in projects of various scales in Luxembourg before moving to Paris. He joins the FRESH team in April 2021.

Aboubakar Islamov

Passionate about architecture since his youth, Aboubakar is a recent graduate of ENSA Paris Val de Seine. After spending his first years in an agency at Triptyque Architecture and AAVP in Paris, he specializes in design through the model. He is also passionate about sports and painting. He joins FRESH architectures in September 2022.

Raphael Laurent

Raphael graduated as an architect from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in 2022. After an end of studies project around the issue of National Dramatic Centers, he did an internship in the Parisian agency Wilmotte & associés architecte on the rehabilitation project of the former premises of Libération in the Marais. Prior to his architectural studies, Raphael obtained a degree in Theatre Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. He joins FRESH in September 2022, where he works on housing projects.

An open dynamic

The open dialogue that characterises the development of each project is converted into the Fresh team’s internal organisation. Everyone’s skills extend from architecture to design, through town planning, computer graphics, construction sites, economy. This horizontal functioning allows to develop points of view, inclinations, interests and areas of expertise. In order to implement the construction of a multidisciplinary and shared city, the agency has adopted the BIM from the start, a design sharing tool through a digital mock-up enhanced by information that can be viewed and amended by everyone, at any time. This tool enables the design team, which includes engineers, contracting authority and users, to get involved in each step of the development of the project and to take part in a collective creation.

A partnership approach

Both upstream and downstream of the project, the human aspect is at the heart of the Fresh approach. The agency produces for the city, buildings, which, through osmosis, are able to change the dynamic as well as the colour of their neighbourhoods. The constructed exchanges and the consensus reached represent the cornerstone of the project. Fresh implements a partnership approach and a dialogue with stakeholders gathered around each project.
In a dynamic of a continuous workshop, the agency uses negotiation as an inclusion strategy to take their clients where perhaps they have never been before. It is therefore around a shared vision of the city that promoters, landlords, landscape artists and engineers gather to develop a joint project, which has been designed together and is focused on its users. This ability to fuse complex opinions is Fresh’s trademark. Its culture of reciprocity pushes the agency to envisage usages that are translated into architecture and not the other way round.

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